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Now days, most businesses have a website. It’s almost a given that you have a site, and people sometimes look strangely at you if you tell them you’re in business but don’t have a website.

Yes, there ARE a percentage of business owners who don’t have a site yet, but that number is small and shrinking every year.

HOWEVER, the big problem I’ve seen out in the market for YEARS is that a lot of websites haven’t been built to succeed in the online environment.

They’re often no more than a simple 5 page brochure online (home, about us, products, services & contact us) which don’t do a great job of generating leads &/or sales.

In fact, I used to work at a large web design company back in 2009-2010 who specialised in creating what I called the ‘5 page special’ – boring 5 pg online brochures that cost in excess of $2000 a pop (!) and were a nightmare to use when trying to generate sales &/or leads via AdWords and SEO.

Those kinds of sites (and the stupid web design companies that build them) were the bane of my life – as I wrote about here – and sadly, I still see this kind of stuff going on today, 4-5 years later when we all SHOULD know better!

So, when it comes to website design, I like to do things a little (lot?) different than your run-of-the-mill web design company.

The $100 Starter Website

Firstly, I don’t believe in charging big bucks to get you a basic website up & running. If you don’t have a website (or your existing old one is a shocker that needs to be buried 6 foot under!), I can configure and install a simple WordPress website for you for only AU$100 (+ the cost of the domain name.) It won’t come with any of your content in it (you’ll need to add this yourself, or you can pay me extra to create it from scratch or transfer it across from your existing site) but it will be live on the net in less than a week (actually, 1 day is our normal turnaround time, depending on workload) and ready for use.

Aside from the upfront price of the site, there is also a $22/month hosting fee (this includes free updates of all your site’s theme & plugin files as well as a full video training suite to help you learn how to use WordPress.)

To discuss getting your site up and running, just send us a request via the Contact page and we will call you within 1 business day to get things started.

High-Conversion Websites

Secondly, what’s MUCH more important than building a “pretty/sexy/sophisticated” website is creating a website that generates leads &/or sales! The more, the merrier!

So, my next area of expertise is creating websites that are designed to CONVERT (i.e. turn visitors into leads/sales.)

Don’t expect artistic & graphical beauty – I’m a rank beginner with Photoshop – BUT what you will find is that these sites are built with the best practises I have learned, tested and refined over the last 8+ years in online marketing, and will convert targeted site visitors to leads &/or sales more effectively than your current website.

Whether you want a site built specifically for paid online traffic services (such as Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising), or one designed to most effectively use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for traffic generation, or even one designed for inbound content marketing purposes, I can create something that will outperform your existing ‘5 page special’ AND ensure you can track and measure all your results.

To give you an idea of my experience and expertise here, just 1 site I currently manage (and built) has in excess of 120 pages – most of which are specialist landing pages for Google AdWords traffic (in excess of $30K/month of ad spend) and it outperforms all of its competitors in a national HIGHLY COMPETITIVE market space where ad clicks are $10-$20 per click!

I also manage small sites spending under $1000/month in ad spend.

But, the way I build my sites is much the same whether it’s low-end or high-end. There’s a formula that works, and most web design companies don’t know that formula (I can only think of 2 or 3 sites I have seen in the last 3-4 years that were built to my exacting standards, so I know that most site designers get it wrong every time.)

Now, when building these sorts of sites, there’s no one-size-fits-all package (everyone’s needs & budget are different) so if this is something you’d like to investigate, drop me a Website Consult Request and I’ll get in touch to discuss your situation. Just to give you some very rough ball park numbers (for those who need a minimum number up front), this kind of site would start at $2000 and go up to any upper amount you might like to spend (depending on the complexity of your needs.)

Anything less than $2K is going to off the table for a conversion-friendly website design.

To discuss getting your site up and running, just send us a request via the Contact page and we will call you within 1 business day to get things started.

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