AdWords Group Coaching

AdWords Group Coaching

NOTE: Group Coaching is not currently available due to demands on my time for done-for-you PPC campaign services.

While my premium coaching service is a 1-on-1 mentoring program spread over 6 months, I accept that not everyone is in a position to afford that program.  As such I have decided to introduce an alternative program to cater for those with a lower budget.

Group coaching is – as the name suggests – where you are part of a group being coached together via online web conferencing technology.

You’ll follow a pre-set program of training, and at the end of each session, I will throw the conference open to Q&A, where you can ask your questions. We’ll finish off with a “homework” assignment for the next meeting.

The difference between group coaching & 1-on-1 mentoring is that mentoring is completely driven by YOUR needs and circumstances, and you have sole access to my expertise and services during each call. We work on anything that is relevant to your needs and you drive the program based on your specific custom requirements.

Group coaching is more structured – you follow a set program of training from session to session in a more classroom style approach, however this means you get less time to ask for help with your specific needs. The benefits of this method obviously make it more affordable for you whilst still providing a wealth of knowledge of excellent training.

One of the benefits I’ve found with group coaching for multiple business owners is that others will raise concerns or queries that you may not have thought of individually, and there is quite a lot of group learning that occurs in these sessions.

Group coaching is also limited to a maximum of 10 people at once, to ensure you get enough access to ask questions as required. Any more than 10 per program and I find people don’t get enough help specific to their needs.

The program runs 1 session per month for 6 months. You can cancel at any time you wish, but obviously if you want the maximum results from my coaching, guidance and help to achieve success, then you’ll want to stick around for as long as possible.

Each session will last approx 1 – 1.5 hours, depending on the topic and how long Q&A runs.

The program has 2 payment options:

1) Monthly payments: $298/month for 6 months

2) Upfront payment: $1,500 upfront (6 month program) – save $288!


To apply for this program, you will need to have a 45 minute consultation with me up-front to determine your competencies, discuss your circumstances with you, find out your goals, strengths and weaknesses, review any existing campaign/s and provide you with feedback.

In addition, this session also provides both the potential client (you) and mentor (me) an opportunity to learn if we are a good match, as well as being a good match with the other coaching clients.

Lastly, it actually allows me to evaluate what you have put in place already – to see if I can help you get significant improvements in your results.

After all, you should not be spending 1 cent on AdWords if it won’t actually pay for itself with increased sales and profits. I care about results, NOT charging you an hourly fee.

My goal – by the end of the 6 month program – is for you to have increased sales enough to have paid twice for this coaching (ie $3,000.) If I feel we won’t come close to this goal, I’ll tell you up front and not take you on as a client, for your benefit and mine – I only want successful and happy clients!

These consultations costs $50 and if you get accepted into the program, will be rebated off your first payment.

To discuss whether AdWords Group Coaching might be for you, just send me a request via the Contact page and I will call you within 1 business day to answer your questions and get you started if we mutually agree that it is right for your circumstances.

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