Google AdWords Negative Keywords Made Simple


Google AdWords Negative Keywords Made Simple

Probably one of the biggest secrets most people don’t know when it comes to successfully advertising on Google AdWords is using negative keywords!

Negative keywords – or ‘negs’ as industry insiders call them – stop your ads from showing when searches are INAPPROPRIATE or off-topic for your campaign. When this happens, you stop people clicking on your ads that would NEVER convert (thereby saving your money) AND you can also “sculpt” which ads show for the right keywords (my ‘secret sauce’ technique used for many years.)

This video is a comprehensive overview of using negs – the do’s & don’ts, how to get the best value from them, and my own secret strategies to maximise AdWords performance.

This video has been hidden from public consumption for 2+ years, but I’ve decided to now let it out into the public arena for your consumption.

I hope you get plenty of value from it. If so, please leave a comment below and share it with your colleagues.

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Eran Malloch

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