Chapter 2 – How To Make More Money In Your Business


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Now that you’re aware of how it’s going to play out in future and what you’re going to need to do to stay afloat and even improve, let’s expand upon those 2 simple points with 3 specific strategies.

The easiest way to beat the recession and stay profitable in business is to do one or more of the following 3 strategies:

3 Ways to Make more Money in Any Business:

1.   Increase the number of paying customers

2.   Increase the value of each sales transaction

3.   Increase the frequency of sales transactions

It’s truly as simple as 1-2-3… All you have to do is get to work making these 3 strategies alive and active in your business.

Now, these 3 key elements might seem totally obvious to you, and it’s not like I am trying to waste your time by teaching you how to suck eggs. Rather, I have assumed you’re already smart enough to figure out 1 or more of these strategies.

Instead, I’m going to show you some ways you can actually make these strategies work for YOUR business. Some, you’ll already know, others will be new to you, but they all work and have been tested many times over by many businesses worldwide.

As an example, consider a business that manages to achieve a modest 10% improvement within all 3 areas over a period of 1 year:


Current Results

Future Results (+10%)

No Customers



$ value of average Sale



No of Purchases per Year



TOTAL Turnover per Year



An additional $99,300 has been added to the turnover, which is an overall improvement of approx 33%, yet we only made improvements of 10% in each area.

The results improve exponentially rather than linearly. So, instead of a 10% improvement in turnover, you actually achieved a 33% improvement. That’s the power of this concept and why it’s vital to begin implementing improvements in all 3 areas. Even a 5% improvement across all 3 areas will result in just under a 16% increase overall, which is a nice boost in sales and profits for any business, especially in tough economic times!

By the time you finish reading this report, you’ll have plenty of ideas and suggestions for how to improve these 3 categories in your business by at least 10%, if not much higher!

Keep in mind: Small changes (improvements) in each strategy will produce big results (profits).

If you plan all your sales and marketing activities around these 3 rules, you’re guaranteed to improve your bottom line, even with a Recession upon us.

In the rest of this Special Report, I’m going to explain to you HOW you can implement not just 1 of these options, not just 2, but all 3 of them if you follow through on my suggestions.


Onward ho to Chapter 3, where I discuss how to increase your number of paying clients.

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