Strategic Growth

There is probably no business in Australia that is achieving all the success and profits the key stake holders would really like.

If you don’t believe me, can you recall the last time a business owner (you maybe?) complained of making too much money AND not working enough hours?

Never, right?

So, if you are that business owner and you’d like to make some changes – increase your profits, reduce your workload and stress levels, even build an asset you can pass onto your kids, then I can help.

Here is a quick introduction to the Growth Acceleration strategies I offer to our consulting clients:

  • How to Find the Quick-Wins and Fast Profit Bumps in YOUR Business (8 Tested and Proven Ways to Improve the Bottom Line FAST and How to Choose the Best One for YOUR Business Situation!)
  • Attracting the Perfect Customer: Unusual Strategies to Define, Research, and Hook the Most Responsive Customer in ANY Market! (HINT: Even Experienced Business Owners Almost Never Implement More Than One of These…If Any!)
  • Beyond the USP (Unique Selling Proposition)…Craft and Implement a Superior Selling Strategy™ (SSS) to Dominate Your Market Instead! (Isolate a Real Point of Difference and Build a Fortress Around ANY Business by Integrating It Into Everything You Do!)
  • THE GOLDEN GLOVE OF PERSUASION: Dramatically Improve Sales in ANY Business with Five Power Principles You’ll Want to Know Like the Back of Your Hand!
  • THE STRATEGIC INCOME BLUEPRINT: Be the HERO in your business by Leveraging the Hidden Profit Multipliers Virtually NO Business Ever Implements (Or Even Considers!)
  • SUPERIOR BRANDING STRATEGIES (SBS): Extend Your Superior Selling Strategy Into a Virtually Unbeatable BRAND the Customer Can’t Ever Forget!
  • ONLINE TRAFFIC SECRETS: Flood Your Site with Highly Qualified, Responsive Traffic from AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Engines! (Combine Everything You’ve Learned to Beat the Competition and Build a Virtually Unlimited Traffic Machine)
  • OFFLINE TRAFFIC SECRETS: Using Direct Mail, Trade Events, Publicity, Networking, Radio, and Other Forms of Offline Advertising to Attract Hyper-Targeted Customers!
  • STRATEGIC ALLIANCES AND REFERRAL SYSTEMS: Evergreen Systems to Add Buyers to Your Lists and Cash to Your Bank Account! Year After Year with Virtually NO Financial Risk!
  • F.U.E.L. (Fiercely Unconventional Entrepreneurial Leadership™): A Systematic Approach to Attracting, Interviewing, and Motivating Team Members, Outsourcers, and Vendors for Maximum Leverage in Minimum Time!
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: The Lost Art of Improving Profits by Focusing on Quality and Customer Problems! (Most businesses look at customer service as a necessary evil but the smart ones see it as a sales opportunity!)
  • “MAGICAL” WAYS TO CREATE TIME AND FREEDOM FOR YOUR CLIENTS AND YOURSELF: How to dramatically reduce overwhelm, minimize distractions, and increase productivity.

If 1 or more of the above strategies grabs your attention and you hear yourself saying “Yes – I want that in my business!” then why not let me BUY YOU a $300 consultation and give it to you because I’m so confident I can help you improve your business in 1 or more of the above ways.

I’ll share some of my key strategies with you, give you insight into the obvious (and most definitely NOT obvious) gaps I see in your market (both your business and your competitors) and discuss how I can help you achieve your business growth goals.

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