Marketing Services

If you are looking to increase your leads & customers and improve conversion rates, there is no better time than now to reach into the online marketplace and boost your business.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur and just planting the seeds of your business, or have been running your company for decades, there is always more to learn about increasing your customer base, improving your lead-to-customer conversion rate and maximising your return on investment.

Our combined experience in the digital marketing arena has granted allowed us to share in the experience of promoting a company with hundreds of business owners in a wide variety of industries.  We have learned a very simple tenant of business ownership which is this: for the most part, business owners want to get on with their job without the hassle of learning new technologies and methods for marketing their business, especially online.

Business owners lose sleep over the reality that there is simply not enough time in the day to create and run ad campaigns, create engaging content on websites/blogs/social media, optimise conversion funnels, re-engage with previous customers or unconverted leads, stay up-to-date with the latest trends and channels – as well as actually run the day-to-day business!

This is why we began More Customers 24/7.  We have been in the digital marketing industry for over 15 years, and have the ability to relieve business owners of the stress and chaos of marketing their business online and generating new customers.  We offer our services for the same reason 99.9% of business owners do: we want to support our families by doing something we love.  For this reason we ensure that you don’t stress over your marketing, by offering a comprehensive coaching service to take care of as much of your digital marketing activity as possible and exceeding expectations at every turn!

Some of the many marketing services we provide include:

Pay Per Click or PPC Advertising – Ensure your business appears in front of customers when they are in the market and actively searching for your product.

Responsive Website Design – Before you can market your business online you must have a presence with a company website.  Your site must also be viewable and usable on mobile and tablet devices to capture the (now) majority of website traffic, which is why we only offer responsive website design, which means that your website appears correctly across all devices.

Email Marketing – While some businesses shun email marketing as a spammy or old-fashioned method of marketing, many successful companies have embraced the direct and highly successful power of effective email marketing.  If you’re not convinced, there are oodles of statistics proving the worth of email marketing from 2014.


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