Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads Help You Reach Your Business Goals

Facebook Advertising is a strong alternative Pay Per Click (PPC) contender to Google AdWords, and has grown significantly in popularity in the last few years.

However, if you’re familiar with how AdWords works, you’ll find Facebook Ads operate quite differently. However, they’re still a very powerful form of online advertising and should be given strong consideration if you’re looking to generate sales leads online, drive online sales, promote your app to the Smart device (phone, tablet, etc.) community, and – naturally – improve your brand awareness.

Facebook Ads would be a good choice for you to consider if your potential clients:

  • Can be demographically identified (age, gender, marital status, language spoken, etc.)
  • Can be geographically targeted (you can target at the suburb, city, state or country level)
  • Can be targeted based on the topics they are interested in (there are literally 100s of 1000s of possible interests available)
  • Are known to be using specific devices (ex: iphone &/or android smartphone user)
  • Are known by a specific job title or work for specific companies (ex: Managing Director, Sales Representative, working @ Telstra or Microsoft, etc.)

There are more targeting options available within Facebook Ads, but the above are some of the most commonly used ones.

If you understand your target customers well, Facebook offers an alternative to AdWords keyword targeting – where you can display your ads in front of them when they are not actively searching for a product or service on Google.

What Kinds Of Businesses Or Products/Services Are Not Good To Advertise On Facebook

Before you pull the trigger on Facebook ads, you probably should know whether Facebook will even let you advertise your offerings.

Rather than copy-paste a whole pile of text here from their Ads Policies page, I recorded a video discussing the subject. Make sure you watch it before going ahead with Facebook ads.

To discuss whether Facebook Ads might be a good option for your business, contact me to request a call back.

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