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What’s A Better Advertising Option Than AdWords or Facebook?

What’s A Better Advertising Option Than AdWords or Facebook?   Lately, I’ve been running across a more than usual number of people in need of advertising to help generate leads and/or customers for their business. After 10+ years running AdWords PPC campaigns for clients spending anywhere from $100/month to $100K/month (and similar numbers in Facebook […]


Google AdWords Negative Keywords Made Simple

Google AdWords Negative Keywords Made Simple Probably one of the biggest secrets most people don’t know when it comes to successfully advertising on Google AdWords is using negative keywords! Negative keywords – or ‘negs’ as industry insiders call them – stop your ads from showing when searches are INAPPROPRIATE or off-topic for your campaign. When […]


Google AdWords Keyword Types Explained

When they get started, a lot of beginner AdWords users don’t realise that there are multiple keyword types they can (and should) use. As a consequence, they often go with the generic “broad match” type and find they spend their budget very quickly, but generate very few leads &/or sales. At this stage, AdWords beginners […]


Agency or Self-Serve: Who Should Run Your AdWords?

If you want to use Google AdWords to generate leads &/or sales for your business, one of the biggest initial questions that crops up is: should you set them up and manage them yourself (self-serving) OR outsource the job to a digital agency (or web design company with AdWords skills, etc)? And my answer to […]


The Pros & Cons of Bidding on your Company/Brand Name With AdWords

Over the last few years, Google has released various documents which explain the value of AdWords advertisers bidding on their own company name &/or brand name. According to their studies, bidding on these keywords are a great way to get more clicks at a lower price and increase the leads you can generate, while not […]


3 SEO vs AdWords: Do You Want The Money Sooner Or Later?

When I first got into the online marketing industry back in 2005, most of the action was happening on the SEO front. Clients were fully focussed on getting page 1 rankings (preferrably page 1, position 1) on the organic side of Google, and the volume of clicks you got if you were at position #1 […]