More Customers 24/7 is a specialist Marketing Consultancy focused on mentoring business owners to increased success, predominantly by tapping into the power of online/digital marketing.

MC24/7 came about because I (Eran Malloch) was frustrated at the poor quality service, results and – in many cases – absolute lies told and sold to business owners when it comes to digital marketing, and decided to do things better and differently from day 1.

I provide coaching/mentoring services to business owners & entrepreneurs who want to improve their digital footprint, grow lead generation online, become an authority in their local market space and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

In addition, because of my 13 years in the digital marketing space, I also offer done-for-you advanced PPC advertising services (Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising + other ad networks you might never have heard of before), website design (with a focus on high conversion rates from visitor to lead), content creation and publication to help grow your authority in your market space, and video marketing and advertising services (particularly on YouTube.)

Lastly, my most powerful offering is advanced email marketing services, designed to warm up leads into sales, so that you can focus on running your business while our systems automatically operate day & night, helping prospects, leads and even clients get to know, like & trust you – AND want to do business with you when THEY are ready.

The currently-trendy term for this is “lead nurturing,” but really, it’s just a very effective way of warming up prospects so that they’ll buy from you &/or refer people to you. Old school folks call this building relationships, and the basics haven’t changed in 1000 years. However, email is just a very powerful way to achieve your goal.

If you’d like to read more about my history, you can read more below:

picture of Eran MallochEran Malloch

Welcome. My name is Eran Malloch and I live in Perth, Western Australia.

So, what’s an ex-Postman/courier driver/IT sales guy doing playing in the online marketing world, you might wonder…

Well, life rarely turns out as you planned it in your youth, and when the Airforce said No to my dream of becoming a fighter pilot back in the early 1980s (pilots with asthma aint popular with the airforce!), I kind of stumbled around in life for some years, trying to find my place in the world.

I did 4 years as a postman, hated almost every minute of it, and finally got up the courage to move on (to being a courier driver briefly, of all things – still delivering stuff!) and eventually ended up in the IT industry, selling computer hardware & software for a living.

That I enjoyed. I had always had an interest in computers since high school, and discovered I was fairly good at the job, so I stayed in that industry for about 9 years, until I ended up working for a small manufacturing firm selling vehicle traffic counters to multiple countries. It wasn’t a big leap doing this after selling IT, so I found that an interesting job as well.

However, one MAJOR realisation came out of that job, and it was that I got sick and tired of doing cold call telemarketing as a way of finding clients and making sales.

It all seemed so very pointless, painful and inefficient and it really started to frustrate me in my job.

So, I went looking for alternatives – ways to find leads quickly, efficiently and without having to beat my head against the wall ringing people who didn’t want to speak with me.

That’s when I found Google AdWords, back in probably 2004 or early 2005.

I was so taken with the concept of AdWords that I brought some training products on using it from an expert (who became my mentor all those years ago) and started learning the subject.

Unfortunately, my employer had no interest in any sort of marketing – they had tried it before and it hadn’t worked (!) – so my every effort to get them to see some value in using things like direct mail and Adwords were wasted, and in the end, they shut our division down and I was out of a job.

From there, I got a position working for a high-end IT training company (yep, back in IT again!) in sales, and it was there that I first saw the real value of a proper marketing campaign designed to generate sales leads.

My employer spent a small fortune advertising our business on radio & TV, and the offer was to come to a free information session at our office 1 evening a week.

I took all the enquiries, booked them in for the session, gave the presentation (my first real paid job doing public speaking!) and followed up with people to close the sale.

It was a tough gig – but I enjoyed the challenges it offered and did a great job (I was the best sales person in the office and considered the best seminar presenter in the company Australia-wide). Only catch was my ball breaker boss who made my life a near-misery, and long story short, I ended up getting the sack (thank god!)

Out of every misfortune comes an opportunity to do better, and that’s exactly what happened in this case.

I had maintained a strong interest in online marketing & AdWords all that time, and shortly afterwards, I found a job advertised online for a small SEO firm looking for a new consultant to join them.

When I applied, it turned out that the position had been filled several weeks previously and the business owner just hadn’t taken the job down from SEEK (the job site) yet.

However, I persuaded him to meet me anyway with my enthusiasm and knowledge about the topic, and he ended up giving me a job – albeit part time (3 days/week) and not big money.

I took that job though, because I was DESPERATE to get into the industry, and stayed with them for over 4 years (being upgraded to full-time not too long after starting), and worked my way up to becoming the primary AdWords consultant in the firm.

I owe a LOT of my success in this industry to my boss back then, because he took a chance on me and gave me a job when there wasn’t one available, and let me grow my skills in the industry working for him. I’ll always be greatful for that, so thanks Charles (if you’re reading this).

Since then, I have worked for Australia’s largest web design company as the in-house AdWords specialist, and then for Google’s largest AdWords Reseller in the world providing pre & post sales technical support for Agency level clients, as well as stints as Marketing Manager for 2 different firms: one in the Car loans space and the other in the solar power industry.

Now I’m running my own digital marketing consultancy/agency and working with clients in the USA as well as here in Australia.

You remember how I said earlier that I had lost my dream of becoming an Airforce fighter pilot and wandered the world a little lost. Well, I’m pleased to report that the exciting and ever-changing world of online marketing is the career path I never expected, but am totally passionate about and intend to keep working in for many years to come.

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