How To Beat The Recession With Low & No Cost Advertising & Marketing Methods


Back in mid-2009, the economy was getting tough all over the world, not just here in Australia.

Businesses were starting to struggle (or at least get nervous about a possible recession) to find clients and get them spending.

So, as a test to see if we could generate some new clients, I spent a fair bit of time writing a lengthy print report for business owners, managers and entrepreneurs.

Titled “How To Beat The Recession With Smart 21st Century Low & No Cost Advertising & Marketing Methods,” it was designed to give nervous business people a positive “take action” shot in the arm, and get them to stop worrying about the recession everyone felt was upon us.

It was supported by a website – with its tagline of “Businesses of Australia Unite! Say No Thanks to the Recession and Forge Ahead!”

4 years (and 1 GFC) later, I can now release this report to you via this new site. I hope you both enjoy it AND get a lot of value out of it, regardless of the current economic times.

Because it’s 42 pages (12,820 words) long, I plan to release it chapter-by-chapter in a series, starting with this blog post…


Welcome to this Special Report and thank you for taking the time to read it. By the time you have finished it, you should have learned at least 10 different ways you can improve your business’ profits and/or cut your advertising spend by as much as 50% while achieving good sales.

Note that not all of the suggestions I have given are “21st Century” techniques, as suggested by the title of this report. That’s deliberate because some ideas are older than you or I, but they still work just as well today as they did in 1840 or 1937.

However, where possible, I have tried to give you modern “21st Century” ways of implementing or turbo-charging some of these marketing & advertising ideas. Obviously the Internet is a vital component in this day and age, and is a central theme to most of the ideas you’ll read in this report.

Regardless of whether you run with the old ideas or the 21st Century ideas, take what works for you and you’ll be blown away with the results in time.

If you follow some or all of my suggestions, you can DEFINITELY say “No Thanks Recession!”

Please feel free to share a link to this report with other business colleagues, if you got value out of it.

Final Thought

This report isn’t worth the paper (electronic or otherwise) it’s printed on if you DON’T TAKE ACTION!

Please, for YOUR sake, pick at least 1 of these ideas and set to work implementing it ASAP.

Don’t procrastinate, because you’ll never get around to it….

I know, because I suffer from that illness at times… HOWEVER, if you want to increase your business profits, reduce advertising expenses and say “No Thanks” to the Recession, then the ONLY way to achieve this is to TAKE ACTION!

It’s your choice, so please, choose wisely! …


That’s the end of the first post. The next chapter (1) discusses the beginning of Recession.

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Eran Malloch

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