Since we regularly get questions from clients and prospects about marketing situations, we decided to start a blog where we can answer those questions and occasionally (ok, more than occasionally) have a rant about something silly we've seen or heard about in the online marketing space! So, without any further ado, please enjoy the posts we've made. 

By the way, if you have any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss, feel free to pop through an enquiry and if we've got time and the topic would be of interest to our site users, we'll look at writing a blog post &/or recording a video on the topic.

WordPress Vs Shopify – Which Is The Best Ecommerce Website Solution?
Ecommerce website solutions are often a difficult decision for businesses. Two of the most popular options are WordPress and Shopify,[...]
How To Sell Anything, or Why Didn’t My Product Sell?
I first wrote & published the below blog post back on Nov 7, 2010 but it's been stuck on an[...]
3 Simple Strategies For Marketing Your Business With Facebook Advertising
If you've been thinking about trying Facebook ads to promote your business – to generate leads and/or sales – then[...]
What’s A Better Advertising Option Than AdWords or Facebook?
What's A Better Advertising Option Than AdWords or Facebook?   Lately, I've been running across a more than usual number[...]
Google AdWords Negative Keywords Made Simple
Google AdWords Negative Keywords Made Simple Probably one of the biggest secrets most people don't know when it comes to[...]
Google AdWords Keyword Types Explained
When they get started, a lot of beginner AdWords users don't realise that there are multiple keyword types they can[...]
Marketing ISN’T I.T.
Marketing ISN'T I.T. Someone was talking to me this morning about marketing, and he made the comment that his clients[...]
Are You Too Busy To Succeed?
Over the last 20-odd years that I have had some involvement in business and entrepreneurship, I have noticed a common[...]
What Do You REALLY Want From Your Business?
Why did you go into business for yourself? Can you remember the first thing that made you decide you wanted[...]
Agency or Self-Serve: Who Should Run Your AdWords?
If you want to use Google AdWords to generate leads &/or sales for your business, one of the biggest initial[...]
Chapter 10 – How To Increase The Frequency Of Sales Transactions
Back in the late 1990s, I used to manage a Computer Retail shop in Perth City (right on Hay St,[...]
Chapter 9 – How To Increase The Value Of Each Sales Transaction
Increase Your Prices The first and most obvious way of achieving this is simply to increase all your prices! Now,[...]
Chapter 8 – Referrals
One simple option to increase the number of paying customers you have that many businesses don't try is that of[...]
Chapter 7 – Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
While SEO is the most cost effective method of capturing searchers on the web, it does tend to take time[...]
Chapter 6 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
The first step in tapping into the potential customers online is a website, as already mentioned. However, the next step[...]
Chapter 5 – How 21st Century Buyers Make Their Decision
One vital factor to consider in this 21st Century world we find ourselves living in is that the process of[...]
Chapter 4 – The Most Effective Advertising Medium
So, now it's time to discuss the most [cost] effective advertising medium available to most businesses today, and that is[...]
Chapter 3 – How To Increase Your Number Of Paying Customers
The Great Dilemma in a Recession: Spend on Advertising or Save? McGraw-Hill Research study of over 600 Businesses found that:[...]
Chapter 2 – How To Make More Money In Your Business
Now that you're aware of how it's going to play out in future and what you're going to need to[...]
Chapter 1 – The Beginning… Let’s Talk “Recession”
I don't know what you think, but I'm guessing Kevin Rudd, Wayne Swan and even Barack Obama are not too[...]
How To Beat The Recession With Low & No Cost Advertising & Marketing Methods
Back in mid-2009, the economy was getting tough all over the world, not just here in Australia. Businesses were starting[...]
10 Tips To Increase Sales & Lead Generation From Your Website
The below information applies equally well to service providers as it does to product vendors. Feel free to consider either[...]
How To Track Phone Call Leads From AdWords & Optimise Your Campaign For Higher ROI
When running an AdWords campaign, most small businesses miss out on one really important aspect. Tracking the leads that enquire[...]
The Pros & Cons of Bidding on your Company/Brand Name With AdWords
Over the last few years, Google has released various documents which explain the value of AdWords advertisers bidding on their[...]
The Simple Website Design Mistake That Is Costing You A Bomb
Over the years, I have dealt first hand with a HEAP of different websites belonging to clients and prospects, and[...]
The Real World Struggles of Small Business Marketing
I just got back from the dentist earlier this evening. Final visit of 4 (thank god!) and I have finally[...]
Website Product Photo Tips & My Pet Hate
Given it's 2013, I suspect the vast majority of you have been to at least ONE website which has product[...]
7 Ways To Create Quality Content For Your Website
Today, I'm going to be discussing some ideas on ways to create lots of high quality content to add to[...]
The Simple 3 Part Formula For Marketing Success
Back in 2009, I had to give a presentation on online marketing to a group of business people. While preparing[...]
AdWords Telepathy: How To Read A Searcher’s Mind & Get More Leads and Sales
So, you've decided to kick off with a Google AdWords campaign, and you're not really sure what keywords you should[...]
AdWords Voyeurism: How To Peer Into The Mind of Google & Turn That Into Cash
Whether you know me personally or have just been browsing this site for a small part of today, it should[...]
SEO vs AdWords: Do You Want The Money Sooner Or Later?
When I first got into the online marketing industry back in 2005, most of the action was happening on the[...]

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