7 Ways To Create Quality Content For Your Website


Today, I’m going to be discussing some ideas on ways to create lots of high quality content to add to your website.

And, the reason I am recommending you try some or all of these ideas is to improve your site’s organic (SEO) rankings for relevant topics that people might search Google for.

Now, I don’t know what you know about SEO yet, but it’s definitely still a viable way to generate visits to your website from organic Google searches.

Notice I didn’t say “free” searches?

That’s what most SEO companies say to prospective clients when trying to sell it.

That the clicks are “free”

Only catch is… you might have to spend thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars on SEO first BEFORE you start getting free clicks, so that’s hardly free is it?!?

Over the years, SEO has changed a LOT, and mostly become much tougher than it used to be, back in the day.

A term you will often hear these days (when discussing SEO) is Content Marketing (sometimes it is called Inbound Marketing), and it is a key element of SEO in 2016+.

The short version of a long story is that content marketing is a strategy of creating content for publication on your website, blog, youtube channel (etc) that can attract visitors via Search Engines.

The concept is simply that if someone is searching for information on a subject about which you or your business specialise in, they will hopefully find your content in a search, click through to your site and you get a “free” visitor and the opportunity to present your products or services to them.

If you can do a really GOOD job of this, you could potentially generate 1000s or 10s of thousands or even MILLIONS of clicks through to your website without having to pay for AdWords traffic (as an obvious alternative).

To quote Wikipedia:

“Content marketing is focused not on selling, but on simply communicating with customers and prospects. The idea is to inspire business and loyalty from buyers by delivering “consistent, ongoing valuable information”

One thing they didn’t say in so many words was that content marketing should include a large component of answering peoples’ questions. Because that’s what people often do online – search for the answers to the questions they have…

So, here’s my 7 tips for creating Quality Content:

1) Go look in your email Sent folder and find every email you ever sent to a client or prospect which answered a question they asked of you.

Compile that list of questions, and publish it on your website (or even better, on your blog).

Do the same for every staff member in your business, since each person is likely to get asked slightly different questions &/or give slightly different answers to yours.

Depending on how long you have been in business, and how many staff you have, and how many questions you get asked, you could potentially come up with 100 – 200 pages of new unique content to add to your site almost immediately! Sure saves a heap of work writing it all from scratch.

2) Ask your sales staff to compile a list of questions prospects and customers ask them when in person or on the phone (this one is fairly similar to #1).

Then get each staff member to write (or record audio or video) answers to their questions. Publish those new answers on your blog, youtube channel, etc.

3) If prospective clients contact you via an enquiry form on your website, add 1-2 more fields to it asking them what their most important question about your product or service is, and how difficult has it been getting the facts you needed from other sources.

You can then divide the questions up amongst staff and get them to answer each and everyone. Once again, you don’t have to just write the answer, you can record it as audio or video, even create a PDF or PowerPoint with the answers, and publish them online.

Note: The reason for asking how difficult it has been to get the facts is that it helps you identify niches or areas within your space that your competitors are doing a poor job in, and you could dominate online, with great high-value content.

4) Gather all your staff together for a 30-60 min brainstorming session. Pony up some pizza and drinks, and get everyone involved in coming up with a huge list of questions people ask you about your products and services, whether it’s pre-sales or post-sales information being requested.

Divide up the questions amongst staff and get them to answer them THAT week.

I have done this exercise twice in the last 2 months – once for this website of mine, and the other one for a client’s site.

It wasn’t as difficult as it first seems, so just get off yer butt and do it!

BTW, I have to be honest and fess up that I got this idea from Marcus Sheridan. He’s really inspired me to get serious about content marketing again, so thanks Marcus.

5) This tip is for when you start to run out of in-house ideas and want to see what questions the rest of the world are asking.

Visit keywordtool.io and type in some “seed” keywords, click search and see what shows up.

If you can’t take inspiration from the massive list of keywords you come up with and figure out how to turn them into a topic for creating an article on, then you’re just not trying hard enough!

6) The next option is looking for places on the web where people ask questions, and see if you can take some of those questions and turn them into quality helpful content for your site.

2 great example sites are:

Yahoo Answers


Just do simple searches around your topic on these sites to find if any good questions related to your topic show up. DO NOT copy the answers, just make a list of the questions and get to work creating answers for them. Publish them. When finished, chug a beer (or diet coke)! 🙂

7) Final tip. Go do some searches on YouTube around your topic and see if other people are asking or answering questions you missed.

You know what to do at this stage…

OK, that’s it for the day. Not one of my 2000 word epics (!), just a short 1100-worder 🙂 Hope you got some value out of it.

About the author 

Eran Malloch

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